Anthony Henderson

Anthony S. Henderson is a committed forgiveness practitioner and servant leader whose mission is to help others grow. 

Misti Coker

In 2010 a fellow teacher told Misti she was wasted within the walls of the current school district in which she had taught for twenty-three years.

Steven Walden

Although Steven Walden was born and raised in Hope, Arkansas in 1975, he didn’t start painting until almost forty years later.

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Dr. Rhoda Deon

Dr. Rhoda Deon is a mindset engineer who uses restorative play to help people abandon limiting beliefs and embrace expanded possibilities.

Jeffery G. Ladd II

Jeffery G. Ladd II the second was the young boy who grow up reading to his action figures, commanding them to get themselves in line, and demanding all of their attention so they can focus in on his lessons

Lorena Jenkins

Lorena graduated from Blevins High School and went on to receive her Bachelor in Business Administration from the University of North Texas. In 2017 she transitioned from an office job to help her mother manage the family farm.

Jennifer Wright
Jack E. Daniels

Jack Daniels grew up in Hope, AR and has been involved in music since he was a child.   In 1984, he started a regional singing group called The Ambassadors with his father, the late Jim Daniels.

Meisha Robinson

Meisha is a effervescent spirit, soulpreneur, and warrior of the light committed to generating innovative and impactful changes in organizations and communities.

Mekicia Henry