Misti Coker

In 2010 a fellow teacher told Misti she was wasted within the walls of the current school district in which she had taught for twenty-three years. Little did she know several years later, she would be faced with a situation that made her realize this statement was true. Three little words changed Misti’s life. Sitting in a cubicle with her daughter and son in law, they heard the words spoken YOU HAVE CANCER. Hearing those words shifted her focus on encouraging and motivating, not students but those who have been given a diagnosis that is not of their choosing. Misti created a nonprofit, PERSONAL PEP RALLY. The mission of the organization is to encourage, motivate, and educate cancer patients and their families. Her creative mind has enabled her to develop programs that help adults with cancer. The funds raised are used for the Joy Mail program, financial help to families struggling with cancer, scholarships to students whose lives have been impacted by cancer and Making a Memory trip for adult cancer patients. The JOY MAIL program reaches patients in over 70 towns in Arkansas, 27 states in the United States and 2 in Canada. The mission work is funded by the store Pass on Joy, the 5K Adventure Run Endure the Dirt, and through other donations. In a year, Personal Pep Rally has reached over 1000 cancer patients throughout the world. Misti lives by the quote, “All it takes is one passionate person to make a difference!”