Jeffery Ladd


Jeffery G. Ladd II the second was the young boy who grow up reading to his action figures, commanding them to get themselves in line, and demanding all of their attention so they can focus in on his lessons. He was the kid who in secret would often turn his television to a blank channel, that often included static, and use it as his dry erase board. Sometimes he even got his siblings to play school with him and quite naturally he was the leader. From those moments in my life, I knew that it was my destiny to be a teacher. I knew that I would be teaching something I loved to another generation of people. I know in the long run I see myself as a “world class” professor and would like to even run my own school, but I do know wherever this road leads me, it will be in service to others. I am still a novice teacher in the field of education and there is so much for me to learn and even much more that I must do. I am 24-year-old Navy brat who loves to be around the people who share their love with me. I recently just received my Master of Art in Teaching in December of 2019, so that makes me a fresh candidate to be an effective advocate for the need of positive and energized filled teaching. I know I embody those characteristics and I believe my idea is “an idea worth sharing”. I want to connect with people who share that same contagious energy. That energy that powers the will of us who put out the best of what we can to contribute to the world.